Must Be Nice

Must be nice to use this passive aggressive phrase as an Edu-shield and sword simultaneously.

I’m not sure, exactly, what bothers me most about its use, but I can take a few stabs at it: the presumption, the derision, the mirrorless homes in which it lives.

Let’s play a game, shall we? For each of the following, scenarios, select the best possible answer. It is, after all, testing season.

1. You never send kids out of the room for discipline.

A. Must be nice.

B. You must have built relationships with your kids before doing anything else.

C. Can we talk about your strategies? I’d love to pick your brain.

D. I think it’s going to be Sansa on the Iron Throne.

2. You wrote a book during the school year?

A. Must be nice.

B. Tell me about your inspiration.

C. Tell me about your writing schedule. I’ve been thinking about getting started.

D. I have a feeling it’s going to end up being Tyrion somehow.

3.  You always have kids in your room during your lunch.

A. Must be nice.

B. Is that incentive based or do you just like to give them the option?

C. Do you think I could sit in some time because I’ll teach many of them next year?

D. But what if it’s somehow Bran? I mean it can’t be, right?

4. You have a really supportive PTA and community.

A. Must be nice.

B. How did you build such a sense of community?

C. I’d like to model my community outreach after yours.

D. I think I’ll be disappointed if it’s Jon Snow. I’m kind of sick of him, frankly.

5.  You spend a lot of time promoting your district on social media.

A. Must be nice.

B. I’m just not comfortable with it yet. Maybe you can help?

C. Do you get any pushback?

D. Regardless of who it is, what do we do with our Sunday nights now?

You can expect your scores next fall.

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