Level Up Leadership: Advance Your EduGame

Level Up Leadership provides a powerful insight into the world of education. Each chapter’s scenario is analogous of the lives of educational leaders throughout the world. After reading the tips and strategies offered in the book, an educator who is seeking to regain focus, improve their practice or increase collaboration with colleagues will undoubtedly have an opportunity to “level up.”

Are you ready to level up?

Brian’s Blog

Level Up Leadership challenges readers to advance their EduGame through shared experience. Whether you’re looking to add to your toolbox, to connect with like-minded educators, or to take the next step in your leadership journey, I encourage you to become the hero in your own EduGame.

Connect With Each Other. Connect To Your Passion.

Brian Kulak is in his 21st year in public education. As a former English teacher and current K-5 principal, Brian believes in the power of  shared experience, relationships, and kindness. Through each, we can empower each other and our students to take the next step in our educational journey.