Level Up Leadership: Advance Your EduGame

From Mario to Lara Croft, gaming has captivated its players for generations and cemented itself as a fundamental part of our culture. What once was considered a niche entertainment industry has exploded into a billion-dollar global enterprise complete with cable networks and international conventions in its honor. Regardless of the genre or platform, one immutable fact connects gaming heroes and the gamers who assume their identities: in order to reach the end of the game, they all need to level up.

Level Up Leadership: Advance Your EduGame challenges readers to advance their EduGame through an extended analogy between gaming and educational leadership. By comparing the eerily similar evolution of the gaming industry to its educational counterpart, Level Up Leadership evokes a collective nostalgia on the way to a deeper understanding of what it means to be an educational leader today. From controllers to checkpoints and from fire flowers to walkthroughs, leaders will begin to envision themselves as the heroes of their own EduGame.

Each chapter begins with a nod to gaming lore, tropes, or advancements and ends with anecdotal, researched, or analogous advice while providing readers with five ready-to-use leadership strategies. Ultimately, leaders will explore how their daily experiences are opportunities to level up just like their favorite video game heroes.

Whether you’re looking to add to your toolbox or to take the next step in your leadership journey, Level Up Leadership will prepare you to push the start button.

Are you ready to level up?