Level Up readers Shannon and Brooke were first in line at the signing.
Mike is one of those former students with whom I knew I would remain close almost twenty years later.
My number 1 fan, Abby.
Lifelong friend and leveled up finance expert, Kevin.
Level Up reader, Martha.
My original editor, and mother, Rose.
Jon (right) won the Twitter contest and got himself a free, signed copy. Dan (middle) is mentioned throughout the book as one of the most positive people I know.
Level Up reader and friend, Nicole.
Nana was throwing back craft beer, so that’s how she leveled up!
My first and favorite writing teacher, Lisa.
Ryan and Jane were kind enough to the signing, so I returned the favor by attending their wedding six months later.
Sean and Emily are simply two amazing people.
Ryan and Rebecca with Layla and Olivia getting their cheeses on.
Auth Beth shared her writing with me when I was a child, so I share my writing with my son, Cole.
Kerri was my student teacher and went on to become roughly one billion times better than me in the classroom.
From June 15, 2018’s “A Race Worth Losing”
Amanda on the night before her graduation.
My two favorite Garfieldians.
Working on a flash lesson with 1st graders!